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After talking with you this past week on the phone, I decided to go into Piggly Wiggly Sauk City and see how many of your products I could find to purchase. As you know we already have your Italian Salsa & Pasta sauce in our home as staples. today I have added Italian BBQ Sauce, Pizza Sauce, & Alfredo to our well... fridge (I opened and tasted each one as soon as I arrived home!) I also compared your labels up against all others on the shelf & my jaw hit the floor! You know I have a book coming out and I told you I have plugged a few of your products, but I wasn't expecting to have your products come in naturally lower in sodium then almost every product on the market that I have access to purchase. Your products have become so much more to my family this week than just another name brand! At this time my husband Darren & I are planning on having a few of your products available for tast testing along side my book, "The Kitchen Table Killer" at art/craft fairs if you approve. I have been able to reach more people through my Facebook page this week and found that many love your products and didn't realize you were local to the Madison, WI area. I am now on a mission to make DI SALVO'S a household name! Did you know that 1 serving of your Alfredo Sauce has less sodium then 1 serving of many Red pasta sauces?? Typically you would find a white sauce to be double or triple in sodium compared to a red sauce! You have made my daughter a very happy little girl today :) She loves anything with cheese! We are making pizza tonight with your sauce! 
Thank You for caring enough about consumers to keep it fresh and high quality without all the additives & preservatives. 

Kind words about  Di Salvo's Sauces....

I have traveled throughout the US, from Alaska to Maine and have friends that own and Italian Bistro, but have not found a sauce that I love more than DiSalvo's. Cooking is a passion of mine and part of what brings our family together, but I have gave up making sauce when I discovered yours at Woodmans. The flavor is so vibrant, and fresh, nothing compares. In addition, I was equally excited when I discovered the pizza sauce. Friday Family night is for home made pizzas, with fresh dough full of toppings, that the kids get to make their own mini-pies. Thank you for adding this to another dish we can enjoy! I have recommended this to so many people and will continue to do so! We are getting married in August next year, if there was any way to get our Italian dinner prepared with your sauce, versus the house sauce, I would be tickled pink.                                                                                                                                                                              Sincerely, Robyn

I just had to write in to say how much I love love this sauce. It is just spicy enough to make my nose run...which in my family, if your nose is not running from spice, its not a meal! The flavor is so delicious. I am so happy to have found your product at my local Metcalf's Sentry store in Wauwatosa, WI. And now that I have visited your website, I see there are many other flavors I need to [find] try! Wine and Vodka flavors??!! I'm so excited to hopeful find them at Metcalf's. And if not, I am going to request. Thank you! -Dyana

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